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All university employees are responsible for making a report of accidental injury they witness or of which they are made aware. The head of each department is responsible for transmitting any report they receive to the Department of Risk Management & Insurance.

The appropriate reporting process will depend on whether the injury or illness is to a university employee, or to a student or member of the general public.

If you are injured please contact your local Health Services department.



If you need to report an injury or illness involving a student or member of the public, please use the following form and either mail fax the completed form to the Department of Risk Management & Insurance at Administrative Services Building III, 3 Rutgers Plaza, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8559 or fax at (732) 932-2580.

Injury Report Form for Students or Public


Any report of an injury or illness involving an employee (student employees are included) must be processed through the Online Accident Reporting System

Log in here to report, edit or track accidents for your department.

Report an Accident



Overall Program Management - Alex Ruiz, or call (848) 445 - 2550

Campus Health Safety Specialists, or call (848) 445 - 2550

Workers' Compensation Questions or Concerns - Office of Risk Management, (848) 932 - 7300

Risk & Claims Management - Legacy UMDNJ, (972) 972 - 6277


Student Health - 848-932-8285


Occupational Health Departments

  • New Brunswick Campuses at (848) 932 - 8254


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