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The following products have safety recalls issued:

Kidde Smoke/Fire Detector Recall

Coming on the heels of their portable fire extinguisher recall in 2017, the Kidde company has issued a recall for two types of residential fire/smoke detectors. This recall involves models PI2010 and PI9010 of Kidde dual sensor (photoelectric and ionization) smoke alarms. “KIDDE” is printed on the front center of the smoke alarm.

(Note: 2 eyes in the center and two vents in the housing.  The model number can be found by removing the outer cover.

More Information can be found at :

  • PI9010 is an AC hardwired detector with a 9V battery backup.
  • PI2010 is operated with a 9V battery. 

These units may exist in university single or multi-family homes for faculty, administrators and students, either on or off campus. They are not likely to be the protection within campus residence halls.

Note: Many state residential fire codes now require a non-hardwired detector to contain a sealed, irremovable battery with a 10 year life.   The older styles with removable 9 volt or AA batteries are no longer accepted in those states.  Also, it is recommended that battery operated detectors should be replaced after 5 years.  If you find the need to replace a fire/smoke detector, be sure it is one with a sealed battery and avoid the need to replace them every 6 months, and consider upgrading to include carbon monoxide detection.


Date of Recall

Product Manufacturer

Product Name


3/21/18 Kidde Kidde dual-sensor (photoelectric and ionization) smoke alarms – models PI2010 and PI9010  


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