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The Revised 2009 Chemical Hygiene Guide


The purpose of the Rutgers Chemical Hygiene Guide is to provide a model for the development and implementation of a Chemical Hygiene Plan, as required by the OSHA Laboratory Standard at 29 CFR 1910.1450. The Laboratory Standard applies to all employees engaged in the “laboratory use” (i.e., small-scale operations using multiple chemicals and procedures) of hazardous chemicals in research and teaching laboratories; however, since development of the Guide in 1994, the university has extended these provisions to include students. Principal investigators are strongly encouraged, but not required, to use and modify this Guide to develop a comprehensive health and safety program that protects their laboratory workers from anticipated hazards in their labs. Principal investigators that do not use this Chemical Hygiene Guide are required to produce a Chemical Hygiene Plan that is thorough and complete, complies with this standard, and is consistent with the policies contained in the Guide.

The first edition of the Rutgers Chemical Hygiene Guide was issued in March 1994. Periodically, REHS reviews, updates, and revises the Guide to reflect changes in policies and programs that affect laboratory workers. In January 1998, REHS issued the second edition of the guide. This edition updated emergency telephone numbers to account for new area codes and exchanges on campus, and was posted on the “new” REHS web site to improve access to all laboratory workers.

In January 2004, REHS issued the third edition, which represents the first substantial update to the Guide in five years. The third edition includes all updated university policies and programs subsequent to the 1998 edition, and indicates the date when the policy or appendix was written, updated, or revised on the document footer. In addition, two new policies were added as appendices 9 and 10 to the third edition of the Guide. In May 2007, REHS issued two updates to the third edition: a revision to the policy of contact lens use in the laboratory, and the addition of appendix 10, a reproductive and developmental health policy.

The Fourth Edition

In addition to various editorial updates (corrected telephone numbers, URL web site addresses, etc), the fourth edition includes major revisions to the prior approval policy (Section E), development and inclusion of the university action plan (replaces chemical spill policy in Appendix 2), transition from an accident report form to an on-line reporting system, and the addition of two new policy documents (Appendices 12 and 13) to the Guide. A detailed summary of changes between the third (including the 2007 update) and fourth edition, as well as actions necessary to update existing chemical hygiene guides, is included at the end of this summary.

Updating/Acquiring Copies of the Guide

Since the second edition of the Guide, REHS has notified principal investigators and laboratory workers of revised laboratory health and safety policies and programs on its website, during annual training sessions, and through written correspondence to department chairs. Periodic updates and revisions to the guide are announced and available on the REHS website at, and all laboratory workers are encouraged to check this site periodically for updates and revisions to these documents.

In an effort to conserve resources and to contain costs, REHS provides printed copies of the Guide only to new faculty members. Principal investigators, administrators, and laboratory workers with earlier editions of the guide are strongly encouraged to visit our website at, and update their edition of the Guide and as well as their Chemical Hygiene Plan to ensure it is consistent with these updates and revisions.

The following summarizes changes between the third and fourth editions of the Guide.

Summary of Revisions to 2009 Chemical Hygiene Guide

Section Changes
*Cover Page Updated the cover page to indicate the four revisions to the original 1994 guide on department letterhead that reflects the new affiliation with APS and REHS address
*Table of Contents Updated the table of contents to reflect: (a) the addition of the employee acknowledgement & review of CHP form, (b) changes to titles of appendices 2 & 4, (c) includee new appendices 12 (Electrophoresis Waste) and 13 (Minors & Volunteers) to reflect new policies written in 2009
*Introduction Added an Employee Acknowledgement and Review of Chemical Hygiene Plan form to page 4
*Section A-SOP's Updated (a) the names, telephone numbers, and web addresses for the emergency service units; (b) made minor updates to section 1 (fire extinguishers, chemical spills, hazardous substances, accidents, and power failures) to be consistent with Emergency Action Plan; (c) removed references to Unit Safety Committees at pages 6 & 7; (d) included new policy on contact lens use in lab on pages 9 & 10, workplace assessments on page 35; (e) updated MSDS & HSFS requirements on page 29 to reflect NJ Hazard Communication Standard requirements; (f) revised wording on page 36, waste disposal, to include website address and to add Appendix 12
Section B-Control Measures No updates or changes made.
Section C-Protective Equipment No updates or changes made.
Section D-Training No updates or changes made.
*Section E-Prior Approval Included new Prior Approval policy revised 8/10/09.
Section F-Medical Consultations No updates or changes made
*Section G-PHS

Removed the substances “ozone” and “hydrogen peroxide” from the list of acutely toxic compressed gases, because they meet the definition for acute toxicity, they are not available as compressed gases

Appendix 1 No updates or changes made
*Appendix 2 Replaced appendix on “Chemical Spills” with “University Emergency Action Plan” revised 9/14/09
*Appendix 3 Added “Water Reactive” symbol and description to program for laboratories that use alkali metals
*Appendix 4 Removed “Accident Report Form” and included description of “Accident Report System”
Appendix 5 No updates or changes made
*Appendix 6 Updated REHS department website links and telephone numbers referenced in document
*Appendix 7 Updated REHS website link for BSL-1 Registration documents & preference for clear autoclave bags
*Appendix 8 Updated table listing substances with their own OSHA standards [included chromium (IV)] and corrected exposure limits for methylenedianiline
*Appendix 9 Updated REHS department website links and telephone numbers referenced in document
Appendix 10 No updates or changes made
**Appendix 11 No updates or changes made
**Appendix 12 Added policy for electrophoresis waste written 2/23/09
**Appendix 13 Added policy for minors and volunteers working in labs written 8/13/09
* These are updates to 1998 and 2004 versions of guide. Users should review these sections in their current copy and print and update as necessary.
** These are new policy documents that all users should print and include in their guide.


Summary of 2009 Chemical Hygiene Guide Changes [pdf]  
2009 Chemical Hygiene Guide [pdf]  




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