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Many research activities at the University utilize radioactive isotopes, or use equipment containing radioactive materials.

Radioactive waste, generated at the University, must be properly packaged, labeled, and segregated prior to disposal. A yellow radioisotope disposal form must accompany all waste containers stored in labs and be completed prior to a waste pick-up. The yellow ticket is used to track isotope use and disposal. Radioactive containers are generally supplied by REHS and vary in size.

To request a pick-up of radioactive waste, please fill out the Request for Radioactive Waste Disposal Form. Once the Form has been completed and submitted via email, fax, or mail, the removal of the waste may be scheduled (within 5 working days for the Piscataway and New Brunswick campuses).


Segregation Scheme for Radioactive Waste
Properly filled out radioisotope disposal form
Radioactive waste containers and Waste Container Management
Request for Radioactive Waste Disposal
redball Static Elimination Devices [pdf]



Please direct all questions to or call 848-445-2550

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