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Lead Disposal - (Updated Lead Recycler Information Below)

Lead is used as a primary shielding material for gamma emitting radionuclides such as I-125 and Cr-51.  Lead is also used as a secondary shielding material for high energy beta and beta/gamma emitting radionuclides such as P-32 and Rb-86 (remember to use lucite as the primary shield).  When lead is no longer required for shielding purposes, it must be recycled appropriately.  If not recycled, lead is considered a hazardous waste.

Lead Disposal Procedure:

  1. Empty the lead container of any vials or material.  Remove any plastic housing or sheathing from lead containers.
  2. Wipe all interior and exterior surfaces of the lead container and count the samples in a liquid scintillation counter.  Review wipe test results:
    • If wipe tests are < 100 dpm - continue with procedure.
    • If wipe test results are > 100 dpm - contact REHS for assistance.
  3. Meter survey all surfaces of the lead container with the appropriate detector.  Use a GM detector for  beta and beta/gamma emitting radionuclides; a typical background reading will be 20 to 40 cpm.   Use a NaI probe for gamma emitting radionuclides; a typical background reading will be 200 to 300 cpm. Review survey results:
    • Meter survey results are < background continue with procedure.
    • Meter survey results > background contact REHS for assistance.
  4. Remove any radioactive material tape and thoroughly deface any appearance of the word radioactive or the radiation symbol.

Remember to wear gloves when handling potentially contaminated items and wash your hands thoroughly after handling lead materials.

Contact REHS at any time if you are unsure about the procedure or require assistance. 

For pick-up of lead, please following the directions below based on the building you are in:

If you are in a Rutgers building, enter your request online “here”.  Please call REHS at 848-445-2550 or email Greg Drusjack if you have any questions regarding lead pick-up in a Rutgers building.


Overall Program Management - Greg Drusjack, or call 848-445-2550

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