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The Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Research Committee has established a Laboratory Safety Sub-committee. One of its responsibilities is to set policy and establish the general procedures for the safe use of radiation sources. Its membership is representative of the areas within the Medical School in which sources of radiation are used. The Director of Rutgers Environmental Health and Safety, Rutgers University, is a permanent member of this Committee.

The Committee is appointed by the Dean of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and is charged with:

  1. Developing the Medical School’s radiation safety policy in such a manner as to:
    1. Assure compliance with all federal and state regulations;
    2. Promote, through a sound safety program, the use of radiation; and;
    3. Assure against unwarranted radiation exposure of RWJMS personnel and the public and to protect RWJMS property and liability.
  2. Acting as trustee to assure the continued quality of the Radiation Safety Program.
  3. Adjudicating any difference between faculty and REHS concerning radiation safety.

The Laboratory Safety Sub-Committee meets as often as is necessary to carry out its functions, or when a Committee member so requests. Binding Committee deliberations require the presence of a majority of its members or alternates. (An alternate may be designated by an individual member who cannot attend a specific meeting. For that meeting, the alternate has the full rights of the member). Committee deliberations are normally informal, but will follow Roberts Rules of Order if so requested by a member. Minutes of all Committee meetings are recorded and kept by both the Chairperson and the Secretary.

Where there are specialized geographical or professional needs, the Laboratory Safety Sub-Committee may establish sub-committees. These subcommittees serve at the pleasure of, and their deliberations are subject to the review of, the parent Research Committee. Communication between the Chairperson of the sub- committee be a member of the parent committee and that the minutes of subcommittee meetings be filed with the parent committee. To assure liaison between subcommittees and REHS, it is required that the secretary of each subcommittee be a member of REHS.Any faculty, staff member, or student is strongly encouraged to contact a member of the Committee to discuss any issues of concern regarding any aspect of our program.

RWJMS Committee Members

Member Title E-mail
T.J. Thomas, Chair Professor, Medicine
Paul Copeland Associate Professor, Molecular Genetics, Microbiology & Immunology
Don Corrette Physical Plant
Huizhou Fan Assistant Professor, Physiology and Biophysics
Celine Gelinas Associate Dean for Research - Representative of Management
Beatrice Haimovich Associate Professor, Surgery
Scott Kinzy Director, Kessler Teaching Labs
Kiran Madura Associate Professor, Biochemistry
Patrick McDermott, RSO University Health Physicist
David Sleat Associate Professor, CABM
Iris Udasin Clinical Associate Professor, Occupational Health, EOHSI


Overall Program Management - Patrick McDermott, or call 848-445-2550

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