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Rutgers Radiation Safety Committee

The Radiation Safety Committee has primary responsibility for oversight of the University radiation safety program. The membership of the Committee includes faculty representing the major uses of radioisotopes and the geographical areas of the University, a member of the Administration, and the Radiation Safety Officer. Selected staff of REHS assists the Committee, as necessary.

The Committee is formally appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and is charged with the following duties:

  1. Review and approve the policies for the radiation safety program and the Radiation Safety Guide to:
    1. Promote conformance with the ALARA philosophy for all members of the University community and the public;
    2. Assure compliance with all applicable regulations; and
    3. Promote the sound and environmentally responsible disposal of waste materials.
  2. Review, as necessary, and approve all authorized uses of licensed materials.
  3. Audit, as necessary, and review the radiation safety program and the radiation safety office. This shall include, but may not be limited to, the policies and procedures for controlling and maintaining inventories, possession limits, the procurement and transfer of licensed materials, emergency response, and training of users.
  4. Approve revisions to the Radiation Safety Guide, other documents and procedures without prior notification to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This may include changes required by NRC rule changes; a change in internal management forms; contractors for bioassay, waste disposal or personnel dosimetry.
  5. Assure the continued quality of the radiation safety program.
  6. Adjudicate any differences between authorized users and REHS.
The Committee typically meets at least four times per year. A quorum of the Committee consists of the following:
  • Chair of the Committee
  • Radiation Safety Officer
  • Representative of Management (University Administration)
  • Two other members of the Committee who are authorized users
Any faculty, staff member, or student is strongly encouraged to contact a member of the Committee to discuss any issues of concern regarding any aspect of our program.

Committee Members

Member Title E-mail
Andrew Vershon, Chair Professor, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Robert Bartynski Professor, Physics & Astronomy
Steven Brill Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
George Carman Professor, Food Science
Wendie Cohick Associate Professor, Animal Science
Paul Copeland Associate Professor, Biochemistry & Microbiology
Megerditch Kiledjian Professor, Cell Biology and Neuroscience
Adam Kustka Associate Professor, Earth & Environmental Sciences
Barbara Lee Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs - Representative of Management
Joseph Martin Professor, Biology - Camden

Patrick McDermott, RSO

University Health Physicist
Judith Neubauer Associate Vice President for Research Regulatory Affairs
David Sleat Associate Professor, CABM
T.J. Thomas Professor, Medicine


Overall Program Management - Patrick McDermott, or call (848) 445 - 2550

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