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Radiation Safety

The Radiation Safety Group provides assistance in the following programs:

redball Emergency Procedures
Radioactive Material and Machine Use Online Application
  Radioactive Materials and Radiation Producing Machine Permit Applications [online]
Dosimetry / Radiation Badges

Request a Badge (Online)
NOTE: If you are applying for a badge to monitor your pregnancy, please click here. If you are applying for a badge to use an x-ray unit, please take online x-ray training first (See Radiation Training link below).

Forms and SOPs
Post - Iodination Survey Form [pdf]
Transfer of RAM [pdf]
RAM Inventory Log [pdf]
Wipe Test Form (Excel) If you are using Internet Explorer, you must right click on this link and chose the option 'save target as' in order to download this program.

Post-Experiment Survey Form (Daily Survey Form) [pdf]

Inspection Checklist Explanation
Lead Disposal SOP
Radioactive Material Package Receipt SOP
Efficiency / MDA Calculations
Characteristics of Common Radionuclides
Isotope Ordering
Order Notification Form
License Information
  Rutgers License Information [pdf]
PI / Authoree Information Database
Radiation Meters
Radiation-Producing Machines Program
Radiation Safety Committee
  RU Radiation Safety Committee
Radiation Safety Guide
  Rutgers University Radiation Safety Guide [pdf]
red ball Radiation Safety Notes
  Radiation Safety Notes
red ball Radon Monitoring
References / Links
redball Security Policy
  Radioactive Materials Security Policy
Radiation Training
  Initial and Refresher Training
  Online X-Ray Training
RAM Waste Management
  Radioactive Waste
  Waste Request Pick-Up
  Static Elimination Devices [pdf]
redball Additional Information for Animal Use
  Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
  Comparative Medicine Resources

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